Fuller Long has won planning permission for the conversion of a three-storey town house into two flats in Hackney.

After being approached following a previous application being unsuccessful, we were set the task to overcome the initial concern that the proposals would impact on the character and appearance of the property.

The principle objective for our client was to gain permission for development involving the provision of a family sized dwelling on the upper floors even though it is contrary to the Council’s typical policy. The initial review highlighted a number of site constraints linked to it being mid-terrace, and so our Consultants had to think creatively to overcome the reason for the previous refusal whilst still ensuring the development met our client’s needs.

Our team worked closely with the architect to devise a scheme that complimented the character of the host dwelling whilst at the same time accommodating the necessary provisions for the family dwelling being located on the upper floors, thus satisfying the Council’s requirements.  

The outcome was a massive relief to our Client, who was very grateful for our management and guidance throughout the process, saying ‘Thanks a MILLION for all your hard work and your kind words along the way, I couldn’t have done it without you’.

The lead consultant on the project said ‘It took some thinking outside the box to overcome the obstacles presented to us in this case. We are pleased to have found a solution that appeases both sides and created yet another happy home owner in the process’

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