Fuller Long has obtained another approval for planning permission in Surrey Heath.

Our client approached us requiring advice on a complicated situation involving an extension on land recently purchased from a neighbour covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).  

The principle objective for our client was to use an additional parcel of land that was purchased from a neighbour, and contained a number of protected trees, to accommodate a two storey side extension. As such we advised that an arboricultural assessment would be required from the outset, and assisted with the commissioning of one.

Based on this assessment it was initially planned for all the trees in the vicinity covered by the TPO to be removed. However it was subsequently noticed that, as part of an approved application associated with the neighbouring property, one of these trees was scheduled to be retained. This resulted in a rare case where, in order to make our development acceptable, either we would have to apply for a variation of the neighbouring planning application to remove the tree or have the preservation of the tree factored into the final design of the extension.

We advised the client that the best solution was to adapt the scheme to include the tree. As a result the Council were happy with the design we had directed, and thus we won the approval of a substantial extension for our client.

The lead consultant on the project, said “the issues raised in this case show how unique each application can be. We are pleased to have overcome this problem to provide our clients with much needed living space for a growing family”.

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