Fuller Long consultants have expertise and a wealth of experience in planning for infrastructure at all scales, from small-scale projects all the way up to Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs). Our length and breadth of experience includes energy, telecommunications, transportation and waste projects.


Infrastructure Planning

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

We can guide you through the Planning Act 2008 processes and assist with as much advice and assistance as you need. Whether you are a developer, a local authority with an NSIP project in your area, or are an interested party or an affected person with concerns about the impacts of the project upon your local community, the environment or your land interests, Fuller Long can help guide you through the processes and provide both clarity and understanding.

Compulsory Acquisition Expertise

The Planning Act 2008 enables developers to compulsorily acquire land and rights over land if the project needs them for its implementation and if the relevant Secretary of State considers that the compulsory acquisition of the land or of rights over the land are necessary for the project to be delivered, if the Development Consent Order is granted. Here at Fuller Long our specialists understand Compulsory Acquisition in relation to NSIP projects and can assist developers, or advise landowners or other Affected Persons in these matters and assist in the Pre-examination and Examination project phases.

Planning Act 2008 Training

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants can prepare and deliver bespoke cost-effective training on the Planning Act 2008 processes and phases as well as the best ways to engage with the pre-examination and examination phases to make them work for your company or organisation.

Developments of National Significance (DNS)

In Wales, some large infrastructure projects, (which are not large enough to be an NSIP) fall under the DNS regime, including wind farms and power stations. DNS projects are also dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate (on behalf of the Welsh Government), not the local planning authority. As these processes are relatively new, our consultants can assist developers, local authorities and local communities interests in these applications.

Front End Loading

This is the term used for the processes that the Applicant of a NSIP or DNS has to go through prior to submitting large infrastructure projects to the Planning Inspectorate. It includes early consultation and engagement with:

  • The Local Planning Authority
  • Local communities that may be impacted by the proposal;
  • Statutory consultees and other stakeholders; and
  • if your project is an NSIP and you are proposing to request compulsory acquisition powers in your application, you must consult with the affected landowners and tenants.

At Fuller Long, our consultants have experience of a wide range of stakeholder consultation and engagement and are able to assist you with these requirements.

Small To Medium-Scale Projects

Our consultants have experience in a number of energy related projects including, solar power, onshore wind, gas, bio-energy, energy from waste, anaerobic digestion, battery storage and electrical vehicle charging infrastructure.

We have considerable experience with solar power, and gas-fuelled backup power plants, having delivered planning consents for well in excess of 600 Megawatts of new power generation across the UK.

We have also delivered planning for significant portfolios of telecommunications infrastructure and are perfectly placed to help network operators continue to rollout their future generation networks.

We provide a range of services to assist clients in their projects, from initial site assessment and feasibility studies, on to engagement with local stakeholders and through to managing the whole planning application process and the various specialist consultants required to support the project.

Whether you are a large corporation, a single householder or somewhere in between, our consultants can assist you with your proposal.