Fuller Long recently helped our client secure Planning Permission for an additional storey on an existing block of flats, creating new residential accommodation by the seaside in Kent.

The application site lay within the corner location on a street in the small village of Seabrook, situated between Folkestone and Hythe. Our clients wished to extend their property by adding another floor to the existing development and approached our Heritage team for assistance. The proposal designed by Beanland Architects took into account local heritage assets and was designed sympathetically. To support the application, a specialist Heritage Statement was required to appraise any potential impact on the nearby heritage assets.

Our Heritage Consultant completed a full assessment creating a comprehensive Heritage Statement appraising any impact of the proposed development on the Scheduled Monuments in the vicinity of the application site.  These included the Royal Military Canal, The Battery Walls and the Martello Tower Number 9.

Our Heritage Statements address in detail how new developments may affect designated or undesignated heritage assets. Following guidance issued by National Planning Policy Framework, Historic England, ICOMOS, we used a methodology that allowed for the evaluation of any impact on the attributes of the identified heritage assets and their significance, in a systematic and coherent way.

On this particular project, the Heritage Statement also comprised a visual impact assessment, that our Heritage Consultant prepared to help consult Historic England and the Council.

We were able to assure Historic England and the Council that the impact of the proposed development would be minimal and that The Royal Military Canal, Battery Walls and the Martello tower would not be obscured and therefore the development would have no adverse effect on the significance of these monuments.

Our Statement tested how the development complied with the National and Local policies, as well as with the guidance for urban design and the historic built environment. By providing a comprehensive and robust Heritage Statement to support the new scheme which enhanced the pre-existing development, we were able to prove that the impact on the heritage assets in its vicinity would be negligible or minor.  As such, we were able to obtain planning permission for the expansion of the property.

If you require assistance in acquiring the preparation of Heritage Statement for Listed Building Consent, Planning Permission or development within Conservation Area,  please contact one of our experienced consultants today on 0808 164 1288 or email us at hello@fullerlong.com

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