Fuller Long have gained planning permission on behalf of a client for an exciting mixed use development in Hackney Wick, which will breathe life into a vacant industrial workshop, previously used as a metalwork studio. The planning application sought permission for the construction of a four storey building with a basement in order to create 4 flats with an office at  basement and ground floor levels.

The former workshop was located within the Hackney Wick Conservation Area. Identified as a ‘Heritage Asset’ in the local area, due to the fact that it originally formed part of a previous industrial estate known as The Lion Works. The submission followed on from extensive pre-application negotiations with the London Development Corporation and the Environment Agency.

Following substantial research, a Heritage assessment concluded that the scheme was successfully designed to complement the landmark status of the area and would have a neutral impact on the significance of the surrounding non designated heritage asset.

The mixed-use property was also not only appropriate but ideal for the area of commercial and residential development in which it was situated. In accordance with Policy B1, the office space was designed to be flexible, ensuring it was able to meet the needs of a wide range of people.

Overall the scheme proposed a building of good architectural merit, compatible with the area’s significance which would have a neutral impact upon the significance of the non-designated heritage asset.

By putting through a robust and well informed Planning Statement with a Heritage Statement to support the submission, Fuller Long were able to grant our clients full planning permission in order to commence works on the development which is still in progress.

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