We are pleased to announce that the Planning Inspectorate have given approval for an important planning appeal for our clients in London. Working closely with a prestigious practice of architects we managed to gain permission for the clients dream “grand design” home in Bermondsey, South East London.  

The original application was led by the architects, who provided advice and completed the submission, however this was refused by the Council. The architect then approached us and after reviewing both the design and the officer’s report we considered that there was a case to be made with the Planning Inspectorate and proceeded with our case at appeal.

An important factor in the context of our appeal proposal came from an immediately neighbouring site. This site was granted planning permission in 1995 for redevelopment in the form of the erection of a 3 storey building but works were not commenced on the site until recently. This development is now substantially complete, and has a significant negative impact on the appeal site, in terms of privacy and loss of light. The development has also been built with an extra fourth floor which created an even larger impact on the amenities of our client’s property. Plans to redevelop our clients site were prepared in response to this, in main to improve the setting of the appellants dwelling in the context of this negative impact.

The property is located centrally, with close proximity to an underground station, shops and other amenities. Given this context, the redevelopment of the site to re-provide a family home on this already developed, brownfield site, was considered to be acceptable in principle.

We concluded that the design of the appeal proposal provided a good solution for the site in Bermondsey, providing a gradual progression in height improving the relationship to its neighbours. In our view, the proposal provides a clean, fresh, contemporary approach and the materials match those of the newly developed neighbouring property. Our Consultant highlighted that many of the design features that the Council were unhappy with were in fact in place to increase the environmental standards of the property, for example to allow for solar panels to take advantage of the sites energy harvesting potential.

We were able to show that the proposed new home fits with the character of the area and the proposal has no material or negative impact on neighbouring amenity and is of a good design, finished with quality materials that sit well with those of the existing and that of the street. The principle of the appeal site being in residential use is entirely acceptable, and this has been acknowledged by Southwark Council.

In all, the appeal proposal provided a replacement family home with great design credentials, on a London brownfield site in a broadly residential area providing an acceptable and appropriate standard of accommodation that accords with national and local planning policy and has no material or negative impact on the street scene or neighbouring amenity.

It was for these reasons that our Consultant was able to successfully overturn the refusal and our client was granted planning permission for their new home. Building works have now started on this property.

If you have been refused planning permission and would like to seek assistance in submitting an appeal, Fuller Long can help. Our consultants are experts in submitting planning appeals and have had considerable success over the years. Call 0808 164 1288 or email hello@fullerlong.com to speak with one of our Consultants today.