In a time when Local Planning Authorities are eager to meet housing needs, Fuller Long recognises and understands the importance of emphasising the benefits that new homes will bring to an area when helping clients with their development opportunities.

One example of this, was on a piece of ‘infill’ land in Hounslow, London. ‘Infill’ land is defined as a piece or gap of land lying within an already built up area.

In this case, the client had a large and underused garden and vacant garage with existing access onto the road at the back of the property.

The client saw potential and subsequently instructed Fuller Long to assist with his application for a new house on this under utilised piece of infill land.

Subject to overcoming the question of ‘garden grabbing’, the principles of infill residential development are supported by the London Plan, a key planning document for determining planning applications in London. This is because the policies recognise the need for more homes, increasing densities and maximising development in sustainable locations. Suitable infill housing was also supported by Local Policy because these new homes were to be within an existing residential area.

This does not mean there were no hurdles to overcome as care was needed to provide adequate outdoor amenity space for both proposed and existing houses and a bespoke design that officers felt they could support within the streetscene.

With our experience in managing smaller housing projects we were able to overcome these issues and produce a house that would sit comfortably in the surrounding residential road and will help to meet the Borough’s housing needs. It was therefore deemed acceptable and received planning consent.

If you wish to discuss your infill development opportunities with one of our planning consultants please contact us on 0808 164 1288 for a no obligation conversation.