In a time when Local Planning Authorities are eager to meet housing needs, Fuller Long recognises and understands the importance of emphasising the benefits that new homes will bring to an area when helping clients with their development opportunities.

Our client’s site in Bisley, Woking, was occupied by a single dwelling, despite the site allocated for the capacity of 3 dwellings gross due to its size by the Council.

In addition, small villages such as Bisley have limited capacity to accommodate new housing, therefore the Local and National policy states that housing needs should be met primarily through previously developed land. Not only would the proposal enhance the existing site, but also capitalise on the opportunity to contribute to the housing needs of the borough.

Despite support from local and national policy, concerns were raised by the Conservation Officer regarding the loss of a small number of eighteenth century timber frames and brick work within the existing building to be demolished.

However, with the support of a Heritage Statement our planning team managed to balance the need for housing in the area against the relatively slight heritage value of the existing building, particularly given its unsympathetic extensions and alterations throughout the years which had severely reduced the building to little architectural merit.

Accordingly, the scheme received planning permission with our consultants successfully demonstrating the proposal was a sustainable solution to providing much-needed housing on an underutilised site.

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