Highways2-300x200Fuller Long were asked to assist our clients in preparing an Appeal against refusal of planning permission for a replacement of existing barns/storage area with a single house in a small village. Our client had followed the pre-application process and had amended their original application to address objections they had received from the Council.  When their amended application was refused the Council added highways objections which they had not previously raised and hence which our client had understandably not previously taken professional advice on. Our highways specialists were able to review the issues cited in the reason for refusal, isolating each one, and consider them against relevant standards and quoted policies before providing a clear rebuttal of the Council’s views and opinions. An Appeal was made along with an application for an award of costs against the Council on the basis that the reasons used for refusal had not been mentioned previously, that they had not technical basis and that as a direct consequence of this our client had to spend money to employ the relevant professionals to challenge them after the planning permission had been refused. A Government Planning Inspector was appointed to consider the evidence our highways specialist had presented to challenge the refusal and he upheld the Appeal and granted planning permission for our client. The Planning Inspector also upheld the application for costs meaning that our client was able to claim back the fees they had spent in challenging the highways reason for refusal from the Council. “Thank you once again for working with us and applying your respective expertise to such good effect on our appeal case. Your personable approach, together with your consummate professionalism, significantly eased the strain of the appeals process for us and Peter and I are naturally delighted with the outcome.” Karen McMahon To discuss transport or highways planning issues with one of our experienced highways consultants, please contact us on 0808 164 1288.