Windy Ridge

Fuller Long were approached by the owners of Windy Ridge as they had recently been turned down by their Local Planning Department. The Planning Appeals Commission considered the impact of the application would be to create a negative impact upon the neighbouring listed building with the main reason being cited as the loss of light.

Following an initial review of the case, planning history and a site visit, it became clear that the Local Authority had based their refusal on an estimation of the proposal’s impacts. Given the reasons for refusal were clearly open to interpretation we conducted a formal light assessment which conclusively showed that the loss of light that would occur was within the Government’s published standards. This evidence was submitted along with full justification within the Planning Appeal statement. Once the Inspector returned a positive verdict we were very pleased to be able to inform the owners of Windy Ridge.


“We employed Fuller Long to submit a planning appeal on the recommendation of our architect for their expertise in “loss of light” planning issues. Fuller Long progressed the appeal papers speedily and recognised the underlying but unstated concerns of the planning authority regarding the adjacent Grade 2 listed tower. The document they prepared for submission to the Planning Inspectorate was professional and comprehensive in it’s content covering many issues not directly mentioned in the rejection but pertinent to the objecting parties. During the site visit by the Planning Inspector, Mr Fuller was able to respond to all queries raised by the other parties and the Inspector commented favourably on the detail within the report”.

“The planning appeal was 100% successful and no additional planning restraints imposed”.

“I am convinced that without the professionalism of Fuller Long Planning Consultants, our chances of a successful planning appeal would have been substantially reduced. We can now look forward to having an attractive house without a leaking roof!”

Owners of Windy Ridge, October 2009