Gravity force BasildonFuller Long helped our client, Gravity Force, win planning permission for a third site in Basildon, Essex following earlier successes in Camberley, Surrey and more recently in Stockton-on-Tees.

After we requested that the application be called in to be determined by the planning committee, members voted in favour of approving permission by 6 votes to 2, overturning the planning officer’s recommendation for refusal.

Fuller Long Planning Director Juliet Heap successfully argued that the proposed change of use would provide employment for at least 30 full time equivalent staff, negating any loss of the protected B Use Class employment space.

Fuller Long also addressed concerns relating to public safety issues by providing evidence that there was sufficient parking available at the site to prevent any conflict between pedestrians and HGVs accessing the wider business park, and demonstrated that the proposal would not affect the vitality and viability of the town centre, nor would it materially impact the existing indoor leisure operator that provided soft play as well as indoor trampolining, which caters for a much younger audience.

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