In recent months, we’ve received numerous enquiries in connection with the Government’s plans to introduce new permitted development rights that would allow buildings to be extended vertically, creating new residential properties.

Whilst the government first raised this in 2016, there is currently very limited information on what this will entail with no details of the policy yet published. It is understood that this will first be introduced in London later this year (2020) starting with dedicated apartment blocks, before potentially being extended to detached dwellings.

As always the devil is in the detail when it comes to the Town Planning System. At this time it is still not understood what limitations will be imposed for these brand new permitted development rights. We are sure they will be subjected to some sort of prior approval process. More detail is anticipated within the long-awaited Planning White Paper which is anticipated later this year.

If you have a property where this may be relevant please contact us and we will continue to monitor the progress of this policy as it develops and keep you up to date. Please contact us on or call 0808 164 1288.–people/merits-of-plan-to-extend-pdr-upwards-called-into-question/5105608.article