Crossfit Gym in Green Belt

crossfit-1 Fuller Long helped our client to obtain planning permission for a new gym in an area of Green Belt in East Molesey, Surrey. The approved application was for the refurbishment of an existing sports grandstand making great use of the space underneath, by converting it into a modern gym. We are happy to have been successful in gaining a positive decision for a scheme that was not all plain sailing! After obtaining less than positive pre-application feedback from the Local Planning Authority about developing a new building on the site, we were able to provide advice to our client and to negotiate a development that was in keeping with the area and the site’s Green Belt setting and which also provided a fantastic fit-for-purpose gym facility that met our client’s requirements. The original scheme raised concerns during the pre-application process due to the site’s position within the Green Belt. As a result of the feedback received, we came up with a creative solution overcoming these initial concerns by devising a scheme that would have no greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt and involved utilising an existing structure within the site. Fuller Long Consultant Juliet Heap and Planner Tim Humphries provided justification within their Planning Statement to prove that the proposed development would enhance the area and not create any negative impact on the Green Belt, flood risk or local residents. This new scheme was well received by the case officer who permitted the application following careful post-submission negotiations and management. Fuller Long’s input saved our client having to pursue further applications, or an appeal, as we were able to use our excellent working relationship with Elmbridge Borough Council to resolve issues that arose during the application process. The outcome was another permission for a leisure development and yet another happy customer! If you are considering a development and are unsure what options you have, please contact us on 0808 164 1288 for a no obligation conversation with one of our experienced team of consultants.