Hypoid Estates

Our Consultants work with a number of developers in researching and reviewing hundreds of potential sites throughout the United Kingdom. We undertake these tasks in a range of ways. A basic outline review can take a matter of hours and allows us to establish the basic principles of development which will inform us whether a site is suitable in principle. This is then followed by a full report on the key issues and case scenarios which influence the planning feasibility of a site.

In this particular case we worked with Olly Myerson of Hypoid Estates. Mr Myerson provided us with a specified site address and a short brief on the possible development he wanted to achieve. We completed a desk top study and provided him with the pertinent planning policy. This process empowered the client to make properly informed decisions prior to spending unnecessary time and money on a potential project.

“We have instructed Fuller Long on a number of occasions and have worked with various members of the team. In every instance the work has been exceptional, and has been delivered on the exact date agreed. In some cases we have asked for a quick, 48-hour turnaround, and without fail the consultant involved has met our deadline. Overall a first class company, and we will continue to work with them for years to come”.

Olly Myerson, Hypoid Estates, June 2012