Appeal won in Romsey

Fuller Long have successfully won an appeal with costs for a residential extension in Romsey, Hampshire on behalf of our client. The approved application was for the erection of a single storey front extension and part two, part one storey side extension.

A previous application had been unsuccessful due to the perceived effect of the proposals on the character and appearance of the property in relation to the surrounding area. To overcome this concern we devised a scheme that would be more in keeping with the local area through positively working with the Council. Unfortunately, it became apparent that the case had become a political topic with the neighbouring residents using their connections to ask their local Councillor to request the application be taken to committee. As a result of our positive working relationship with the Council’s officers, they were happy with the changes we had made and recommended it for approval, however this was subsequently overturned by the Committee.

Upon assessing the reason for refusal, and what was discussed at Committee, we advised our Client to appeal the decision and apply for costs on the basis that the Council had handled our application inappropriately. We argued that the details provided showed that the revised development would complement the character of the site and its surrounding area, and that appropriate steps had been taken to resolve all the concerns raised by neighbours who were unwilling for any development to take place.

The Planning Inspector assigned to the appeal agreed with us that the proposal we had put forward was sympathetic to the design of the area and, as a result, approved the scheme. Based on the further evidence we gave at appeal they also regarded that the Council’s planning committee had acted inappropriately in overturning the recommendation and ordered the Council to cover our Client’s entire costs for the Appeal. This was understandably of great news to our Client who was delighted with the result in the end despite the delays incurred by the Council.

Nicky Ottaway, the consultant overseeing the project, said ‘we are delighted the Inspector agreed with our appeal statement and understood the difficulties we have faced in the process. We are just happy that the right decision was made in the end and that our client is now able to build their desired home.’

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